by and for volunteers in Public Diplomacy for Israel
non-political, non-profit, non-governmental
This affordably priced seminar is designed for learning the intricacies of peace advocacy

May 15-May 17, 2007
Learning Effective
 Public Diplomacy for Israel

Minimal Charge of $130 for lunches, transportation within Israel, guides, tips, entry fees
(air, hotel not included)

Tuesday: May 15 - The Situation

8:00: Breakfast at your hotel

9:00: Participants will board assigned buses at Hotel Prima Kings (Jerusalem) for tiyulim (study missions)  (lunches are included) Click here for preliminary itinerary.

 17:30: Participants return to hotel to clean up/ relax briefly

 18:30: Stuart Palmer will set overall diplomacy scene from CoHav ICAN perspective

 20:00: Dinner on your own

 Free time

Wednesday: May 16 Study Day at Hotel Prima Kings (Jerusalem)

 7:30: Breakfast at your hotel

9:30: Opening addresses at Hotel Prima Kings

10:00: workshops (participants will be assigned)

a)      Use of Internet and writing skills

b)      Communication skills

11:30: workshops

a)      Debating skills

b)      Use of PR skills for public diplomacy

13:00: Lunch

14:00 Media exercises: TV and radio presentations (participants will rotate in stations)

15:45: Break into think tanks (Participants will be assigned-moderators will be assigned and previously briefed)

16:45: Closing remarks

17:00: Board buses to return to hotel

18:30: Continue think tanks and prepare, for moderator, presentation for next day.

20:00: Dinner on your own


Thursday, May 17 - Jerusalem - Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA)

7:30: Breakfast at your hotel

8:30: make your own way to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

9:30: Welcome Amir Gissin + ICAN leadership

10:00: Panel discussion (4/5 speakers 20 min@ followed by Q&A)

12:00: Think Tank reports by moderators

13:00 Lunch

14:00: Series of lectures by MFA staff (Zippi Livini of the USA desk, Arabic dept., Amir Gissin on rebranding Israel)

15:30: Return to Hotel


The sessions and buses will hold a limited number of  participants to allow better interaction. Participants need register and request sessions (when available) and choose a first choice. However, it will have to be on first come first serve basis.


Main Topics

Media - Understanding the media (mainstream and alternative) and how to work with them

Geo-political Briefings - Understanding and conveying the essential historical and legal facts of the establishment of the state of Israel and the Arab conflicts

Security - Understanding the global issues and Israel's role in fighting the new menace to world peace

Modern Israel - Experiencing Israeli society + Israel beyond the conflict

On being effective community leaders - Practical ways to reach people hearts and minds, including programs you can offer your community


Come on your own, stay as long as you like.

Price Includes speakers' fees and room rental, guides and bus for Israel Study Mission as well as three lunches.  Price does include transportation to Israel, hotel, or other meals.

While you will get the most out of the seminar by attending all three days, if you are not able to do this, you may sign up for each of the days separately.

[ ] three day package - $ 130.00  (includes all 3 packages listed)  545 NIS, or

[ ] Tiyul Day (May 15, 2007)   $60. (includes lunch)   252 NIS

[ ] Workshop Day (May 16, 2007) $55 (includes lunch)  235 NIS

[ ] MFA Day (May 17, 2007) $15 (includes lunch)   60 NIS

Lunches are included on all days (May 15, 16, 17). Dinners are on your own.

Here a list of some, but not all, hotels in the area. Contact them directly to make your hotel reservations. These are all within walking distance of the Prima Kings.


 TO REGISTER: fill in the application form and release found here and fax the signed forms to  +1 480 247 5724.  Payment information will be sent to you by email.  For more information contact Etta Korenman

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