Tuesday May 15th


Tour of the north

Ancient history and modern

Theme: Borders.

Obviously this is a tour where I will talk a lot on the bus.



Itinerary Leaving Ramar Rachel: 7:30


Security at the time will decide which route will be taken:




a) via Jordan valley

Pointing out Jewish and Arab presence, discussion of border for safety and strategic purposes


9:00 Stop at Bet She’an – what it’s like to live in the shadow of the enemy

(bathroom stop)



b) Via Wadi Ara

Pointing out Arab towns, houses, villas … discussion of Israeli Arab/ Jewish relationships


Golani Junction east to Poriah, south Kinneret

9:00 Stop at Mitzpeh – Tsomet Alumot

View of Kinneret from the tower, overlook to Golan Heights (no longer Syrian) and Jordan to orientate ourselves and to understand the strategic implications..


(bathroom stop)



9:30 Drive Zemach and round lake from eastern side.

To understand the vulnerability of the settlements by the lake.


Up to Golan


10:15 Kuneitra overlook –

Wars, especially Yom Kippur war


10:45 El-Rom – the kibbutz. Film presentation Oz 77.

The battle that changed the face of history

 (bathrooms, snack)


11:25             battle field, visit bunkers, memorial area


12:25 Head up towards Birkat Ram.

Har Odem for a picnic.


13:15 Drive through Madj el Shams

Discuss Druse/ Israeli relationships on the Golan. Compare with Carmel Druse who go in the army and are loyal to Israel.


Quiet time on bus for an after-lunch nap!


14:00 Through Kiryat Shmoneh, past Kfar Giladi.


            Take Lebanese/Israel border road 886.

Discussion of Lebanese war – vulnerability of the residents of the North



14:45 Visit to a winery

Rimon winery

For fun! And to show a new branch of Israeli agriculture. Only real wine in the world made from Pomegranates! And talk about Zionist history. Wine growing, Baron Rothschild, land purchase etc in the 19th century.



Optional extra ONLY if time permits:


Personally I would like to make this a very long day so that it IS possible but it will depend on whether it is decided to have a meeting in the evening back at the conference hall.*


Brief visit to Sfat – wander the streets of the Jewish quarter. See tolerant religious Jews! Story of ’48 and history of 15th century. Again pointing out presence of Jews for many centuries – not just modern State times.


Time for people to get a bite to eat.



18:00  Drive home




* Discussion session in evening of all we saw during the day. Questions and answers.